Planning – Have A Project In Mind, But Don’t Know Where to Start?

We work with you to help create a customized plan for your renovation. After assessing your home, we work with you to create a project roadmap to help you realize your goal. Together, we create a basic budget, prioritize wants and needs, develop an approximate timeline and help you vocalize your design aspects clearly to the professionals so they can in turn provide you with accurate labour and material quotes.  With lumber and building material prices ever increasing, planning and getting an accurate price tag on your project are more important than ever! 


Need Support And Advice During the Construction Phase of Your Project?

We provide coaching, support and mediation services throughout your project. Some of our clients find that they are too busy or they don’t have the know-how so they ask us to step in. We aid them in understanding change orders, overcoming miscommunications, reviewing, bids, contracts, inspection reports, and all while providing practical advice along the way. Also, we can review the project at various stages to ensure compliance with installation instructions as well at Manitoba Building Codes.


What You Choose Can Affect Longevity Of Design, Have Environmental Impacts, And Needs To Function In The Intended Space?

Research has shown that on average a home renovation requires 15,000 decisions – the vast majority of which are usually undertaken by the contractor without your consultation – which often leads to dissatisfaction with the final all or parts of the project. Decisions taken earlier in your project can effect the finishing products you may want in your home  In addition, if the contractor you hire does not have a full-time designer on staff or works with a design firm that understands your vision, you will need to make selections for most of your finishing products. Now you may think, that’s not a big deal because you love to shop and you have the time. Problems arise when what you choose is not available or has a large lead time, or requires a different layout or other work not anticipated to install it.  Contact us and let us save you time, money and stress!

Renovation/Repair Consultation

Discuss the scope of work the project entails. If required a report can be issued.

Pre-Renovation Inspection

Detailed inspection of the home to determine conditions, assess feasibility of the design and determine what in the home needs to be replaced. We can even help you find and negotiate with a contractor so you get the look you want.

Renovation coaching Action plan

Consult and develop plans that outline details of the renovation. The average home renovation requires 15,000 decisions to be made. Let our expertise guide you to making the decision that best favours you and your family need.

Final Inspections

Review that all work was done in accordance with your contract ensure that all work was completed to correctly and in accordance with the Manitoba Building Codes.


Home renovation workshops coming soon.


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